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Old runes have disappeared

By Slempkes#6731 - SUBSCRIBER - December 10, 2021, 00:43:44

I noticed after the last update, that my old Ko runes have disappeared. The ones that had a negative and positive stat, were they removed from the game? 

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Just in case you still weren't aware;
Yep, these runes, along with a bunch of other obsolete items, were removed from the game. You can read details of what else was removed on the CHANGELOG.

There's also a small discussion about it here. smile

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Thanks, I must have missed it during my initial read and too excited to read the new stuff. Kinda of a shame that those items were removed, it was nice to reminisce about the older days.

I still have the Prysmaradoth gem from when dreams were just being released. Hopefully they don't remove that anytime soon.

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