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By BadRambo1#3487 - SUBSCRIBER - March 03, 2022, 06:58:19
Keep disconnecting me for the last 2 weeks, this game is designed to play several accounts,
I have 8 of them, I can barely use 4, and even with 1, after an average of 20 minutes,
it kicks me out a few times before letting me play 20 minutes and again ..
everything works for me, low ping, a large link, all accounts are under ankama shield and authenticator.
This is cumbersome and discourages playing after a long p2p time
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Exactly this. I have done all the usual workarounds and yet I keep disconnecting; sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes I get an hour of play before being kicked off Echo server. Instead of enjoying the game, I am nervously anticipating the next crash. 
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I thought this was just me. I have been actively monitoring the forums half expecting an influx of people complaining. It started happening on the 22/02 for me. I wrote a ticket after a couple of days to support, still no reply. Can a mod report this to see what's going on it’s pretty urgent. I am also on Echo. ty
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My pc can hold like 12 account in same time with high details so it's not pc problem either. You can't play, going into DJ is so stressful that I will dc in most important moment... 

Folks try to unmark fastbandwith in launcher options, atm helps me for one day didnt have a single kick, but still weird is that option, how much transfer its need? i have 1tb lan with makes me curious .. biggrin how much they need ur transfer biggrin
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No disconnects lately, hope you all are back to normal. 
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