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Can't log into 1 of my characters

By Dante-Petersen#9089 - SUBSCRIBER - March 19, 2022, 15:56:43
Logged out the night before and everything was fine. Tried logging this morning and all my alts can be logged except for my main. 

I've completely emptied the Cache, but no luck. Please help!

Thanks in advance smile
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When do you say alts do you mean on the same account or different accounts? If you mean different accounts, then I think the same thing happened to me a while ago.

I was logging in to my 4 accounts like usual, and one of my chars would not log in. I closed everything and tried repeatedly to log that one char but it was no use. I had no idea if the problem was that particular character or some other problem because I always log my chars in the same order, and that char is always the third in line. I could not log that one, but I could log my fourth char just fine.

I then decided to check the multi-accounting tab and moved the order of login for my chars. I swapped the third char for the fourth and I was able to finally login all of them. I have no idea why that fixed it for me and I have no idea if this would work for you, but it's worth a try.
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Omg changing the order within the laucher worked ty 
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