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How to report bots?

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - May 18, 2022, 16:06:56

I was on the mine and noticed a cra camping the gold resource, they would start moving in the direction of the mine the moment it's starting to respawn, i gave up trying to get anything there and went somewhere else.

Next day i'm trying to get the farmer resource from 140 and there's a sadida with no gear (Homme-Karateur) at [8,4] doing the exact same thing the cra from yesterday was doing, he moves to the location of the resource as is starting to respawn but won't collect it, probrably because his inventory is already full.

My question is, how can i report these people? And does Ankama do anything about it? Because it's impossible to level your profession like this

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  • - use /time, to have date and time in Dofus;
  • - take a screenshot of the screen, with /time and result visible;
  • - upload somewhere online that screen, if you do want to contact a MOD or MANAIA, describe the issue and include link to screenshot;
  • - write an Ankabox to a MOD or/ and to MANAIA; altertatively/ and write to Support too, describing the issue and including file, or link to it online;

G L !!!
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