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Is Accumulation broken?

By KhaosRider#2697 - SUBSCRIBER - October 01, 2022, 19:48:15

So I just made it to level 115, unlocked the spell accumulation, (at the bottom i posted the normal effects)
It says it increases the "basic damage by 20 (3 turns)"
My uncharged bottom hit is like 149
My charged bottom hit is only 159
If I'm not mistaken, that is only a +10 to final damage...
Any experienced iop's know more about this?

Normal effects19 to 22 (Earth damage)Increases Accumulation's basic damage by 20 (3 turns)

All i have seen for updates is


  • Casting conditions:
    • Occupied cell: yes → no
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You need to hit yourself with it to charge it.

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Yup that would be it. *face palm*

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You first have to cast the spell on yourself to get the buff

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