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Multilogging in Tal Kasha PVP

By ZeddY121#3245 - SUBSCRIBER - November 08, 2022, 11:00:49
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Hello everyone,

As Fiora has said, if you notice multi-accounting happening while in game, we highly recommend sending a report to support with the necessary information.

I understand that some of you feel like your reports are not being read. I can assure you that the support team takes time to read through and handle every request made, even though you cannot see their specific actions taken. For confidentiality and security reasons, their methods and processes cannot be shared, and the same thing can be said about sanctions applied to accounts or other account information. So while you might think nothing is being done, it doesn't mean that support is not doing anything.

We also take this opportunity to remind you that "naming and shaming" is not allowed on this forum.

As said above, if you witness multi-accounting happening in game during your perceptors or prisms fights, take a screenshot with a /whois command visible for all the concerned accounts and send it to support.

We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime and wish you a good day.
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Hi DOFUS, if you claim your support reads the tickets, I would highly advise you to review that. I have sent 4 replies to a ticket regarding our guild which had its named changed without reasoning. My entire ticket is simply a question as to why it was changed, and support has asked me for screenshots to sanction players. They dont understand the ticket or havent read it at all, all feels like auto-replies. 

They need to read and understand the tickets. I was forced to close mine, after four replies and zero progress I found them to be useless. 

I have in total written 5tickets, only one of them I feel the support has read and understood it. God forbid I ever need them for anything urgent, cus I am left with 1/10 review of the EN support. Take this is critism and dont invisible post it please. 
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Honestly, I think if you care about solo gaming might as well play on solo servers. I still like having the idea to multi-log and do things since its fun to achieve things with your own point of view the player Icecubo in kolo is a streamer and the player yugi oh is tournament champion gameplay in pvm while both of them multi-log can't have them not doing that which 100% will kill a dead game already due to few major facts: Most of the players are old players or have played the played game when they were young or french players due to the game focus on the French community and Spanish which it's based as well. 
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