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Alignement screen of my old account not showing anything

By Smithski#5026 - SUBSCRIBER - November 24, 2022, 19:58:03

I've been starting doing alignement/order quests on my newer account to realize my panda (old one) when I open the alignement screen doesn't show anything of what I've done year ago.. when I check in completed quests, I can see that the alignement quest are done up to 75 and the first 3 quest for Order of Salvatory Spirit are completed. But like said, my alignement quests is all empty.. what happened ? 

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In order for me to check this, can you please also share a screenshot of the completed quests screen showing the quests completed to 75?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, as you can see there I'm currently on the 76th quest wich is: Is Anybody There ? And below is the 3 completed Alignement Order quests. Hopefully it's the information you are asking. I just reached the same quest on my other account, I was hoping that completing the 76th would trigger something and bring that all back ? Ill keep you informed what happen once I complete these. Thanks

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