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The pooorwrwr "Cawwot" gets replaced by a ghost when smashed into Mashed Cawwot Pure by a Repalak?! How come? Cawwot aint even counted as summon ...

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - March 21, 2023, 08:43:36
Good morning,

So, still doing Skeunk runs a bit, with guildies and/ or friends.
I think once, in the Repalak room, once there was a Cawwot chall, but not sure 100%; what is sure, is that I have planted some Cawwots.
When the Repalak reached a Cawwot, it made it Mashed Cawwot Pure, poooffffzduuf! and it replaced it with a ghost!?!?! How come?!?! Cawwots aren't even counted as summons, to my knowledge; as in, one char doesn't need +summons to summon 1/ more Cawwot/s; also, the juicy savowy Cawwots don't substract from total summons available in a fight for a char.
Questions: Why the ghost in the place of Cawwot, if smashed by a Repalak, if Cawwot aint a character nor a summon? Is it a bug? Or?

Thanks in advance for looking into it.


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Cawwots are special in two ways: they are static summons (they don't have a turn), and they don't use a summon slot. They are otherwise normal summons and fair game for Reapalaks.
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Wellllll ...

I don't find it fair... poooowwwrrrwrrwrwr Mr. Cawwot can't run, doen't have own turn, doesn't use a summon slot... It shouldn't be such easy pray for the baaaaaad Reapalak...

Maybe it is time to get it changed?

Or maybe someone could pass this to dev team or something, and see if it okay to have it become a ghost, even if it is a summon ... but then again, it aint a real one ... ?!
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