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Game lifetime issues

By darklordlord#4928 - SUBSCRIBER - March 27, 2023, 18:10:45
Hi all,

I have been playing from 1.28, well over 10 years.
The game has had the same connection and server issues throughout its lifetime.
My simple question is: WHY
why is it not being sorted
why is it not the biggest priority over holiday events
why has this been constantly overlooked when it is known to be a massive issue which causes countless people to stop playing.

If i get a reply from anyone that works on the same i would be surprised. however, just like always will be ignored. 

i await no reply.
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Which reminds me that I was Miraculix (on Rushu server), back in 2005. I was the third jeweler level 100, back when you had to drag or click every single ingredient into the slot and when people trusted me I would create an amulet or ring because there was no "collaboration" when creating items. Lost that particular account for pausing my play between 2008 and 2012.
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