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[Guide]Using the Ankama support website

By InuzukaKiba#6020 - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2009, 06:24:48
If you haven't dealt with Ankama Support before, read the first paragraphs before going to the easy-to-access links. The stuff right after the table of contents, and the part with the big quote box after the Ankama Shield stuff.
If you're here for an Ankama Shield issue, I made it the first section. Once again, if you're unfamiliar with Ankama Support, read the first stuff.
You should also read that big paragraph a little ways down that has the big quotebox. Really. Read that section especially.
I know I'm making you read a lot of stuff, but this is stuff you should really know before sending your ticket.

I've been noticing recently that many users have been having trouble with using the support website, or they've been confused by how to get help for their problems. Thus, I decided to make up this little guide of sorts. This thread will help support site newbies navigate the site and send their tickets to the right departments. Also included in here will be a list of issues you can send in tickets for, and a few words about how to properly make up your tickets.

Table of contents!
You can use the find function of your browser (CTRL+F) to search through the guide. You can enter any of the little abbreviations I have below, and your browser will scroll you down to the corresponding section automatically! (For example, put the term ((Sec 1.1)) into the CTRL+F, and you'll go right down to Ogrines!).

Yes, I've finally recognized that this thing is gigantic enough to warrant something like this.

((Sec 1)) - Ankama Account
((Sec 1.1)) - Ogrines
((Sec 2)) - Dofus
((Sec 2.1)) - Subscriptions
((Sec 2.2)) - Glitches
((Sec 2.3)) - Godfather Fortunes
((Sec 3)) - Player Conflict
((Sec 4)) - Ankama Shop

Before I go further, you have to remember this rule or support will never ever help you. NEVER BE RUDE WHILE WRITING YOUR TICKET, AND ALWAYS USE GOOD GRAMMAR WHILE WRITING YOUR TICKET. If your ticket is written rudely or you take a hateful tone towards Ankama's staff/moderators, it will more than likely be closed immediately, and they have the lawful right to do that too. See the quotebox in the "Ankama account" section of this guide, a little ways down. Also, if you use any sort of txt tlk, if you don't use proper grammar, or if you spell words incorrectly while typing your ticket, you will never be helped. The support staff has zero tolerance for anything of the sort, and will close your ticket immediately. That's just how it is. If you can't type correctly for them, then tough tulips to you and enjoy the fact you'll never figure out your secret answer or contest your ban or whatever you want ever. Remember also that if you're constantly rude to the support staff, you'll be sanctioned and banned entirely from the support site! You don't want that, now do you? Furthermore, don't repeatedly/angrily bump your tickets! Bumping your ticket actually makes it take even longer to get answered. You have to be patient, even if it does take a few days for your ticket to be answered. If it's never answered ever, then you made up your ticket wrong.

Onward to specific stuff! There are three sections to the support site. One is for your Ankama Account, and pretains to issues regarding your universal Ankama Games account. One is for specifically Dofus issues. And the last is for Ankama Shop-related things.

Bear in mind that Support will not allow you to send tickets for everything, specifically things you can solve yourself. What you're supposed to do is go through the provided FAQ sections and find the topic that matches your problem. You're supposed to follow the instructions given on that page, and some of the support topics allow you to send trouble tickets if you can't solve your problem by yourself. To send a ticket, click the "send a message..." link at the bottom of the topic page.

If you do indeed have an issue that can be solved by support, but you can't find a section for the problem, send your ticket in the section that best matches your problem. Make sure that you take care to explain your precise problem, so that they can help you in any way they can.

Please note, "must be valid" is defined in the next section.

((Sec 0)) - Ankama Shield

Click here if you have not received your Ankama Shield code. Must be valid.

CLICK HERE FOR ANYTHING ELSE. YEAH, HERE. YOU HAVE TO CLICK HERE AND SEND A MESSAGE FROM HERE IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER ISSUES WITH ANKAMA SHIELD. NOT KIDDING. RIGHT HERE. (Not like people read this thread, so the endless Ankama Shield issue threads won't stop, but I'm making the effort)

((Sec 1)) Ankama Account

Note that for most, if not all, of the issues in this section, you MUST provide (scan and upload a picture of) some sort of identification (driver's license, birth certificate, student ID, schnitzel of the month club card that has your personal details on it, whatever you have) that proves you are the owner of the account in question. All personal information must be correct and verifiable (name, date of birth, postal address), a valid personal email address must be provided, and all sessions on the account (times, countries, internet access provider) must correspond to the normal use of a player account. If they determine your account is not valid, you will not be helped and may be sanctioned. I'll mark issues that require account validity with "must be valid".

Why do they force you to scan identification, you ask? Why can't you be rude to support, you ask? From the terms and conditions:

Regarding all given details when accessing parts of the Website where this is required, or when the user decides to provide these details via online forms or mails, they shall not be used or processed before a prior declaration is made to the CNIL (French data protection watchdog) in pursuance of the data protection law Loi Informatique et libertés of 6 January 1978, modified on 6 August 2004. According to this law, anyone who can prove their identity (full name, account name, email) can access, change or even destroy their personal details.

This law also governs the online support of this website (Support/Help). According to this law, a reasonable term is allowed for the processing of the information request, modification or cancellation. Likewise, the Company won't execute any request which is expressly abusive or bearing no proof of identity.

In layman's terms, they are required by law to ask you for identification to change your personal details. They are also given the right to deny service to abusive customers, even if you're paying them.

The support site now adds a fork to certain account related issues. For example, if you wish to change your account's e-mail address, it asks you if you have correctly filled in your account registration form (which you do when subscribing). So basically, if every field in your manage your account page is filled in correctly and whatnot, click the first link. Otherwise, click the second.

If your account was stolen, or you fell for a scam, and you want your deleted characters/items restored, then don't waste your energy typing up a message to support. They will NOT help you at all. They will either shoo you away or ignore you or something. If you want to regain control of your account, however, (and without getting your stuff restored), then there are ways to do that!

Here's the grand list, Ankama Support will help you...:((Sec 1.1)) Ogrines

A brand new way to buy subscription times means a brand new section of support! The Ogrines FAQ section, linked above, has some basic informational topics that talk about how to subscribe using Ogrines and things of that nature. And, of course, you can contact them if you don't get your Ogrines or the purchase doesn't work properly.

If you need to provide a transaction number/date for a subscription-related ticket, and for some reason you didn't keep a record of that info, you can find it at your account interface, under Dofus.

They will help you...Important note: I tried my hardest to make sure I could grab every link. But it is still possible that I missed a link here and there. If you can't find your specific issue in the above list, you may want to search through the site by hand (as in, follow the link maze, the search bar is basically useless.)

You generate a new password here. You cannot ask support directly for a new one, you can only contact them if you don't receive it via e-mail. If you need to change your password, do it here.

((Sec 2)) DOFUS

This section is devoted to reporting glitches, bugs, or whatever to support so they can have a look at the problem. Included in this section is also topics pertaining to your subscription. They will not help you with player disputes or anything of the sort! I'll include where you can get help for that stuff in a later paragraph.

Note that they will not change character names upon request.

Also note, if you need to provide a transaction number/date for a subscription-related ticket, and for some reason you didn't keep a record of that info, you can find it at your account interface, under Dofus.

These are the only things support will help you with regarding the game Dofus.

((Sec 2.1)) Subscriptions-wise, they will help you...:VERY IMPORTANT: If you have any issues dealing with a method of subscription, consult this thread, or this page of support if you can't find your method there. By that, I mean if the credit card option isn't available, or you didn't receive an audio code or something.

((Sec 2.2)) Both the 1.29 and 2.0 sections for reporting bugs still appear to be open. There are faqs for 2.0 uplauncher issues in the 2.0 section (here). Visit this page and click the link pertaining to other glitches.

***At this point, the specific page you use shouldn't pose a problem, as there is no longer a 1.29/2.0 split situation. So, if you were to send a ticket into a 1.29 page because there's no link on the corresponding 2.0 page (and you specify version), everything will be just dandy!

Bug-wise, they'll help you...((Sec 2.3)) Godfather Fortunes

They will help you...Important note: I tried my hardest to make sure I could grab every link. But it is still possible that I missed a link here and there. If you can't find your specific issue in the above list, you may want to search through the site by hand (as in, follow the link maze, the search bar is basically useless.)

((Sec 3)) Player Conflict

Now, in certain situations, you cannot receive help from support, but only from a moderator. There are threads set up on the official forums devoted to contacting moderators. I stole these two quoteboxes from the threads themselves, they outline what issues the moderators can help you with:
1. Asking a moderator to come online and free you if you get stuck somewhere. Moderators can only teleport players to 0,0, so take this into account. If you are stuck in a fight, a moderator will not be able to free you without removing you from the server, causing the same effect as a voluntary disconnect.
2. Asking a moderator to speak with you about a scammer, spammer, botter, or cheater, either in the game, or via a forum PM. If you wish to make this kind of report, please have at least a screenshot of this behavior that you can show the moderator, or they will not be able to do anything about your request. No moderator will ever be able to give you back items, kamas, accounts, honor, energy, life, pets, subscription fees, or subscription time. The best you can hope for is that the person who wronged you will be punished if there is enough evidence. (DO NOT POST ANY NAMES ON THIS THREAD) In the case of spammer bots, you may report the map co-ordinates, but do not report a name.
3. Asking a moderator to speak with you about a harassment or abuse, either in the game or via a forum PM. If you wish to make this kind of report, please have at least a screenshot of the harassing behavior to show the moderator. (DO NOT POST ANY NAMES ON THIS THREAD)
4. Asking a moderator to come online to kick an abusive merchant. If you wish to make this kind of request, you can give the map co-ordinates and the type of abuse (blocking exit/NPC, holding place with blatently overpriced item, etc), but DO NOT POST ANY NAMES ON THIS THREAD.

And you cannot use the contact a moderator threads for the following:
1. Asking about a problem on a server not covered by the thread you're trying to use.
2. Asking questions about future updates or game content. Please ask those questions on Game Development or General Discussion.
3. Asking a moderator to change something in the game. Moderators are not developers, they cannot add features, balance classes, adjust NPC prices, or fix bugs.
4. Asking questions about bannings or muting. Please contact support if you have been banned. {Note: I included links for contesting bans back in the Ankama support section}
5. Ranting at moderators for banning, jailing, or muting you. If you wish to complain about a moderator, please send a ticket to Click here {Note: This would go under the being removed from 666,666 or contesting a ban section}
6. Asking a moderator to retrieve your password for you: Moderators cannot change account passwords or see account passwords. {Note: I provided links for such operations above}
7. Asking a moderator to process your P2P payment. Moderators have no control over account payments.
8. Asking moderators for items, kamas, life, energy, honor, pets, subscription fees, or subscription time. Moderators cannot give any of these things to any player.
9. Asking a moderator to respond to a thread somewhere on the forums. This thread is for in-game matters only, not forum matters. {Note: If there is an issue on the official forums that require moderator attention, click the Report button at the bottom of that post}
10. Asking a moderator to answer your ticket. Moderators do not have access to player tickets and cannot respond to them or cause other admin to repond to them.
11. Asking moderators to fight you.
12. Asking moderators to create events. Now that there are several English GMs, they have been given the responsibility of creating events.
13. Asking personal questions about the moderators or their characters.
14. Asking moderators to level you. Moderators do not exist to level players with their mods or their personal characters.
15. NAMING SCAMMERS, CHEATERS, BOTTERS, OR SPAMMERS. All naming posts will be deleted no questions asked. Do NOT post your proof here. Do NOT post names here. {Note: When creating your post, the moderator that answers you will either try to set up a meeting with you in-game, or request the proof to be sent to them via forum PM}

If you play on Rushu, Rosal, Solar, and Zatoishwan, use this thread to contact a moderator. If you play on Shika, use this one. Nobody will help you if you post in the wrong thread.

A note about Aermyne: It is NOT an English-speaking International server, and thus is not served by the English moderation team or community manager. It is a server for the Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese communities only. You will need to deal with one of those community's moderation teams (in their native language!) to settle issues on Aermyne. Their methods of resolving disputes may be different, as may some of their rules, so keep that in mind.
To make everything easier, you may wish to consider moving to the Zatoishwan server, which is specifically designed for English speaking players.

((Sec 4)) Ankama Shop

The shop section of support isn't really that hard to navigate, and unlike the other two sections this one is rather straightforward. You can solve most of the problems you may encounter by yourself, but they may need to help you out...


Please contact me via PM if any errors have been made or if anything on the support scene has changed somehow.

Edit October 1, 2010: Rewords, added a table of contents which can be used in conjunction with CTRL+F, added an Ogrines section, added more links here and there.
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Here's an FAQ update that I discussed with the English support team today:

[size=24]What should I do if my account name has personal information that I don't want to share?[/size]

If you have accidentally put your real name or information into your account name, it can be a hazard to your personal privacy. If your real name is in your account display name or character nickname, you can request a name change by sending a copy of your ID to support in a ticket. Please use the following ticket form to contact support: Click here

This ticket does not specifically mention changing your account name, but until we can add a new ticket form for this problem you can use the link above.