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[Tutorial] How to log bugs in DOFUS 2.0

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - May 05, 2010, 18:06:39

Generating a bug report


There is a tool in the client that allows you to generate a detailed bug report from inside the game client. You can use this tool in the Live and Beta versions of the client. In your client folder, create a new, empty folder named "debug." This folder should be in the same directory as the DOFUS.exe or your config.xml file.

After you have done this, you can press F11 while in-game to see a pop-up that will allow you to register a bug.

Click the "Save Report" button. A new pop-up window will ask you where you want to save your report. The report will be saved as a .html file, and it contains your game information, including a screenshot and other important information or code exceptions that are detected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not share bug reports with other players and be sure to store them safely. These bug reports contain private information about your computer and your account that you should not share with others. You should only send these reports to Support.


How can I log a complete DOFUS session?


To enable the logging system, you must go into the Support tab, situated in the game options menu. Please note: activation and deactivation of the system is not effective until you completely restart the client.

You must then download the utility tool to recover the game session logs which are stored on your computer. This application is available for download at the following address: DofusLog Download (right click and save as). Installation is very simple, just double click the downloaded file and allow the installation of the application. Once installed, launch the application "DofusLog," which should be automatically added as a shortcut on your desktop. The application will scan your DOFUS files to retrieve information on individual game sessions and display them in a list.

Please note: This application is only available with a French language display, but it is very simple to use and understand. English translation of all relevant text is included in the screenshot below.

Then, just select the game session corresponding to the time during which the bug in question occurred and click on "Exporter". The application will then prompt you to save a file named "log.dlz." This is the file that you need to choose as an attachment when you send your bug ticket to support.

When reporting a bug, be sure to close your client before running the utility to recover your gaming logs. Please also indicate, if possible, the time and context (what you did in game) during which the bug occurred.

Please note: Game session logs are only kept by the game client for two days after they are recorded. If you wish to report a bug, please do it quickly after you experience the problem.