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Miss and Mister World of Twelve candidates - Round 2

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - November 23, 2018, 16:00:00
The purpose of this topic is to gather the entries of the participants in the 2nd Miss and Mister World of the Twelve!

Before applying,  we invite you to consult the instructions for this event here.!

(Candidates who do not respect the instructions will be disqualified).
First Ankama intervention
Clarification: If you encounter an error message while uploading the picture via the tool to the Ankama servers despite being subscribed, please send me a screenshot of the error message. Then you are allowed to use the workaround NARCISSECR used. 
See message in context
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Score : 1377
Thought I'd go outside the box and pay tribute to the coolest mini-dungeon, Crypt of the Bloodthirsty Vampyre :^)

Quinotaur - Female Iop - Echo
Haven Bag: Harebourg
0 0
Score : 2
In Alice in Wonderland shoes, a tribute to my favorite Boss wub
Viryaleen - Female Huppermage - Echo
Haven bag: Saint Ballotwine
0 0
Score : 347
I thought Count Razof might need a hunting partner.
It's interesting to find someone who shares a similar interest at our age!

Xpert • Male Enutrof • Echo
Haven bag: Mishell
1 0
Score : 63
Lordbeakyy vs Lord Crow - We meet again! You may be able to fly, but I will soon be collecting 121 dream fragments from you  wink

Treenos | Male Sadida | Echo
Haven Bag: Corsair Ship
0 -1
Score : -268
I tried jumping to make up the height difference, but I think I'm still not quite tall enough.

Leanna-xiaojie, Xelor, Female, Echo, and I'd like the Harebourgh haven bag.

And here's a screenshot with /time and /whois to show that I'm not using beta since the share option doesn't work for me and I can't host my screenshot on the ankama server (ask [Talora] if there's confusion).
0 -2
Clarification: If you encounter an error message while uploading the picture via the tool to the Ankama servers despite being subscribed, please send me a screenshot of the error message. Then you are allowed to use the workaround NARCISSECR used. 
Score : 1057

Time is up dear Dorlean, let me through to see Count. I will see you next week!
Pagonis / Sram / Male / Echo
Would like to receive Harebourgh haven bag
0 -1
Score : 692
Meeting after years
Punkowiec / Male Cra / Echo
Haven Bag: Gobbstock
0 0
Score : 7063
Good morning. wub
  • character's nickname : Sleeping-whip
  • server: Echo (best server ever !!!! )
  • class: Osamodas
  • gender: f
  • the Haven Bag that I'd like to win: Princes (I think that was another pink theme, not Saint Balotwine though); or Sidimote, if Princes is not possible

Once upon a time, there was a master of pets Osamodas named Sleeping-whip.
She had plenty of cute adorable fluffy pets, to help her in her heroic battles around the World of Twelve: tofus, gobballs, dragons, frogs ... You name it, and she had it!

But one snowy week of the end of the autumn, our Osamodas kept playing Dofus Pets on her phone for a few days in a row, since it was too snowish and too coldish outside to go out, and she forgot about her pets in Dofus on her laptop. It wasn't a lot of time, just a few days, not many.
But the pets from Dofus on her laptop got annoyed by this, and decided to run away, and venture on heir own into the world. They took advantage of our Osamoda's lack of attention, since she was focused on her phone, and they digged a tunnel in the basement of the villa where they were kept, and escaped!
Our Osamodas only saw they were missing after a few days, when she went to offer her pets some rainbow colored candy cotton, to make up for the lack of attention for them in the past few days.
"I'll get you back!" she raged and yelled while searching all rooms in the villa! "Mark my words, you little fleas, you can't run away from me! I am your one and only Master!" .

Now, our Osamodas had to come up with a plan, to get her pets back.
She sat on the pink unikorn wool carpet in the living room, in front of the fire place, and started to eat the rainbow colored candy cotton she had prepared for her pets, while thinking on how to get them back.
As she was eating last bits of rainbow colored candy cotton, and licking her fingers, our Osamodas came with a plan:

She will go to Kanigrula's Cave, dressed like the monsters there, as part of their family, as a 13th grade blood cousin who came from very far away to meet Kanigrula and her mates and family. She'll bring them gifts, of course: a Belgian chocolate fountain, big red fresh strawberries, and of course, plenty of Belgian chocolate supply for the chocolate fountain.
But she will put some sleeping powder in the chocolate fountain, so that Kanigrula and her mates and family Kannihilator, Kanazure, Bigheera and Felygiene fall asleep, our Osamodas captures hem, and takes them to the basement of her villa.
Once there, she will put them in cages, and work on her project of creating the perfect pets army, genetically engineered and modified to be the perfect warriors, better than anything ever seen before!
When she will be happy with the results, and after training her future hostages, our Osamodas will go with them into the World of Twelve and look for her pets who escaped.
Wish her good luck!

Note: Right click on image, then "Open image on new tab", to see the picture better.

Then, for the curious people out there, the outfit is made of:
- Orfan Headger
- Nevark's Cape
- Sadida King Shield
- Bowzai



0 0
Score : 2
0 0
Score : 492
(random cra almost ruined it, and jellies started disappearing towards the end xD)
Name: Helden
Class: Ouginak
Sex: Male
Server: Echo
Bagthing: Gobbstock

1 0
Score : 84
Aieaieaie aie caramba, keep away from my friendo!!

Name: Marzotteke
Class: Female Cra
Server: Echo
Havenbag: Summer Havenbag
1 0
Score : 60
A tribute to my spirit animal (Maybe I should be an eca)
Name: Vli
Class: Eni
Sex: Female
Server: Echo
Haven Bag: Winter
2 0
Score : 907
Name: Sheol
Class: Sacrier's Blood
Sex: Male
Server: Echo
Bag: Sidimote 
Dear Anerice! Let my bloodlust be a tribute to you.. 
0 -1
Score : 45
Two beauty queens come melt Dofus players hearts <3 

Name :Tofusawa 
Class : Sadida
Sex :  Female
Server: Echo
Heavenbag : Winter 
2 0
Score : 67
Happy family in their natural habitat. Papa wolf, mama wolf and baby wolf.

Character's nickname : Nzn
Server: Echo
Class: Pandawa
Gender: Female
The Haven Bag that I'd like to win: Pyramid
2 0
Score : 40
God damn, this looks nice
0 0
Score : 5
Character's nickname : Ma-name-jeff
Server: Echo
Class: Osamodas
Gender: male
if i won I'd like to get : mystery haven bag
0 0
Score : 5
0 0
The bar was set very high for this 2nd round! Congratulations on all entries.
It is now time to reveal to you the most beautiful males and females of each class, across all servers. In addition to qualifying for the final of Miss and Mister World of the Twelve, they win the exclusive title of "Incarnated Class 649" in-game and a Haven Bag theme of their choice!

ECAFLIP M : i-nstruction (Ush)

ECAFLIP F : Matheus4RM4N1daK-2 (Crocabulia)

ENIRIPSA M : xXGris-MauveXx (Pandora)

ENIRIPSA F : CaroMilene (Rubilax)

IOP M : Luchadys-I (Meriana)

IOP F : Xxmiss-playboyxX (Agride)

CRA M : ppppffffffffff (Meriana)

CRA F : mat59411 (Furye)

FECA M : Ashes-oner (Pandora)

FECA F : FreeTheAnimal (Meriana)

SACRIER M : megalyon (Merkator)

SACRIER F : -----TS13----- (Ush)

SADIDA M : pikachu30 (Ush)

SADIDA F : uteru (Agride)

OSAMODAS M : NewSeasons (Crocabulia)

OSAMODAS F : Laetichux08 (Meriana)

ENUTROF M : slingslangslungtunot (Brumen)

ENUTROF F : New-Ilyzaelle (Ilyzaelle)

SRAM M : sramquiroxxxx (Furye)

SRAM F : darkkovi27 (Pandora)

XELOR M : dauarrae (Meriana)

XELOR F : kimett98 (Meriana)

PANDAWA M : zobal-a-poil (Julith)

PANDAWA F : sophie04 (Ilyzaelle)

ROGUE M : enpreur (Brumen)

ROGUE F : SoleilNoirs (Brumen)

MASQUERAIDER M : xx-sirkevmao-gsx (Ush)

MASQUERAIDER F : nononenette (Julith)

FOGGERNAUT M : maloranran (Ush)

FOGGERNAUT F : Robott3 (Agride)

ELIOTROPE M : -Wm- (Brumen)

ELIOTROPE F : Provencal-gaulois (Agride)

HUPPERMAGE M : Skai-des-vents (Merkator)

HUPPERMAGE F : Taehee (Ilyzaelle)

OUGINAK M : TheMad34 (Brumen)

OUGINAK F : NephilimErRutherford (Merkator)

See you very soon for the 3rd and last stage of this competition event to discover the Miss and the Mister World of the Twelve!
Score : -268
No one from Echo won, will you still post round 3 on the english version of the website?
3 -1
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