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The Miss and Mister World of Twelve 649: Time to Vote!

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - December 13, 2018, 16:00:00
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Who will win the ultimate title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve? It's your chance to tell us who your favorites are.

They are adorned with their finest assets in order to seduce you and represent the most beautiful male and female specimens of each class for all the servers combined.
i-nstruction (Ush) (Ecaflip M)
Matheus4RM4N1daK-2 (Crocabulia) (Ecaflip F)
xXGris-MauveXx (Pandora) (Eniripsa M)
CaroMilene (Rubilax) (Eniripsa F)
Luchadys-I (Meriana) (Iop M)
Xxmiss-playboyxX (Agride) (Iop F)
ppppffffffffff (Meriana) (Cra M)
mat59411 (Furye) (Cra F)
Ashes-oner (Pandora) (Feca M)
FreeTheAnimal (Meriana) (Feca F)
megalyon (Merkator) (Sacrier M)
-----TS13----- (Ush) (Sacrier F)
pikachu30 (Ush) (Sadida M)
uteru (Agride) (Sadida F)
NewSeasons (Crocabulia)(Osamodas M)
Laetichux08 (Meriana) (Osamodas F)
slingslangslungtunot (Brumen) (Enutrof M)
New-Ilyzaelle (Ilyzaelle) (Enutrof F)
sramquiroxxxx (Furye) (Sram M)
darkkovi27 (Pandora) (Sram F)
dauarrae (Meriana) (Xelor M)
kimett98 (Meriana) (Xelor F)
zobal-a-poil (Julith) (Pandawa M)
sophie04 (Ilyzaelle) (Pandawa F)
enpreur (Brumen) (Rogue M)
SoleilNoirs (Brumen) (Rogue F)
xx-sirkevmao-gsx (Ush) (Masqueraider M)
nononenette (Julith) (Masqueraider F)
maloranran (Ush) (Foggernaut M)
Robott3 (Agride) (Foggernaut F)
-Wm- (Brumen) (Eliotrope M)
Provencal-gaulois (Agride) (Eliotrope F)
Skai-des-vents (Merkator) (Huppermage M)
Taehee (Ilyzaelle) (Huppermage F)
TheMad34 (Brumen) (Ouginak M)
NephilimErRutherford (Merkator) (Ouginak F)
But there can only be one Miss and one Mister in the World of Twelve, therefore it's up to you to vote for your favorite male and female characters before December 17th at 9 am (CET).


*The votes will count for half of the jury’s final score.
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Of course is only french servers in vote list. No one from echo. There were also i saw good screenshots from Echo community. But Ankama probably doesn’t care about Echo community like always sad
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