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Miss and Mister World of Twelve 649: time for the results!

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - December 19, 2018, 16:00:00

You voted for your favorite participations, as did our Ankama jury: it is time to reveal our winners!

The community voted, and the jury decided! Find out who was crowned Miss and Mister World of Twelve 649...

Our Miss World of Twelve 649  is... Provencal-gaulois ! Congratulations!!!

Provencal-gaulois (AGRIDE)

Our Mister World of Twelve 649 is... Maloranran! Congratulations!!!

Maloranran (USH)

And here are the prizes they win for proudly representing elegance, grace, and beauty all year:

  • Ceremonial Hat
  • A kwismas pack composed of:
    • 15-day subscription
    •  6 000 OG
    • 1 colorable ceremonial petsmount
    • 10 Kwismas pet mystery boxes
    • the New Life bundle

Thank you all for participating in this year's Miss and Mister World Twelve, and congratulations to all participants!

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well if thats miss and mister lmao then rewards are way too good for this
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Yeee boy
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Score : 5504
Congratulations to the winners! Nice prizes smile
Love that ceremonial hat!
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Score : 540
Congratulations to the winners of this contest,smile.
Hope you both are happy receiving it,smile.
Enjoy playing Dofus for a long long time,smile.
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