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Will there be any compensation, of any form, for those players who found themselves unable to play, due to the BETA Ankama launcher ?

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - November 11, 2019, 21:24:11

Good evening, 

I was wondering, like the title says, if there will be any compensation, of any form, for those players who found themselves unable to play, due to the rushed introduction of the BETA Ankama launcher at the same time with the rushed obliteration of the old Dofus launcher?

  • What about the players who had (maybe, still have) (some of) their accounts linked to Steam? The information on the necessity of unlinking  their Ankama accounts from Steam their accounts came late, AFTER and not BEFORE the Ankama launcher was the only thinggie to be able to launch and play Dofus.  Therefore, those players had some "unable to play time" , not cuz of their fault, but cuz of the lack of the availability of proper and useful information on this topic. And for the lost of their Steam achievements, what will it be done? (Plus, there is a whole debate to be done on how does Ankama plan to reach more of the international community, without proper advertising, without even trying at 10% of their (best) ability to capture new and returning players from this huge market quota, of "international community", which is represented by the sum of all communities that do not use French as primary language ? Personally, I suppose I shouldn't be that worried if Ankama's revenue diminishes from being unable, more and more, to get the attention, then retain said attention, of "the international community" player base. But still, I do worry, cuz it might come a point in time when having an "international community" (with all that comes with it: game and forums and customers' support in more languages, etc) would become economically unsustainable for Ankama, like the Steam commitment seemed to be; at that point in time, which I fear, it might be: play the game in French, or stop playing it.)
  • What about those players who have experienced hours/ days of the scariest bug of all, "the black screen", either if it was for hours, or for days?
  • What about those players who have noticed a significant increase of their time needed to log into game? For some, it seems to be a reasonable logging time, while for some players do experience an increased time needed to log.
  • What about those players who can not log anymore as many accounts at the same time like they used to be able to log with the old Dofus launcher? Those players have some of their subbed accounts getting dust atm, cuz they can not play them all at the same time. What about the missed xp/ loot while playing less subbed accounts in the same amount of time, due to inability to log the former amount of accounts at the same time?
  • What about those players who have gotten themselves in a position where game language in their main language has stopped (like, for Russian, I think ?) and maybe encounter difficulties with adapting to playing the game in other languages?
  • What about those players who ...

Please, to feel free to talk about your own experiences with regards to similar aspects of the game for you personally.
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