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Would it be possible to have the old Dofus launcher back? At least till Ankama launcher gets properly fixed and gets out of BETA ?

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - November 16, 2019, 07:39:26

Good morning,

The Ankama launcher is compulsory to run Dofus since October 29.
Even if it is still unfinished.
Even if it still doesn't work well.
Even if it has incorporated old Dofus bugs in the Dofus launcher from within the Ankama launcher.
Even if it is still in BETA. 
Even if ...

Since October 29, I have been unable to play properly.
I am trying to play on my sis' new laptop, and I find myself unable to play 4 accounts (at least) at the same time with low graph Dofus settings; while on my old laptop I was able to run 4 - 5 accs minimum at the same time with medium graph Dofus. I am spending a good few times more time trying to log in/ out/ load game/ unload game/ fix/ uninstall/ install back/ etc this game, than actually playing.

And I am not the only person on planet Earth encountering these difficulties. They're plenty of players having issues since the Ankama launcher has been set as mandatory to run Dofus from it.

So, my questions would be:

  • Could we have the old Dofus launcher back? At least till Ankama launcher gets fixed properly and gets out of BETA? I don't see why they can't coexist, like they did for sometime.
  • Is anyone even reading/ following the international community forums? On the thread dedicated to say fair well to the old Dofus launcher, where lots of players are complaining about the bugs encountered with Ankama launcher, last official Ankama reply/ intervention is from October 31. That's more than puzzling ... Is it that our feedback is so worthless for the game devs? Or none cares? Or ... ?
  • When we shall talk about the compensations for being unable to play? From October 29, since the old Dofus launcher is gone, till the time of creation of this thread, November 16, they're almost 3 weeks ... That represents a lot of sub time wasted on many accounts, for me, and for may players.
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I have no problems login in with the new launcher. However he doesn't patch properly. Instead of just downloading the newest stuff, it always wants me to download the whole game again.

But hey. If it ain't too broken (old launcher), make something even more broken (new launcher) pensive

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