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Ankama Launcher hangs at "Installation pending 0%"

By Daetal#5815 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 17, 2020, 01:24:58 on Linux OpenSuse Tumbleweed.

Was working fine for weeks. Newest version now hangs at "Installation pending 0%".

Also, Launcher won't quit when told. Needs to be force-quit from the OS.
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Lots of good troubleshooting advice here and here. that might help. The last post in the latter thread notes you can use the .zip version of the game client as a workaround if you can't get the launcher to go. However, since you'd be bypassing the updater when doing so, you'd have to be mindful of that. The game would prompt you upon login if you need to redownload the zip.
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I intend to download the and just install it manually to the Wine bottle where I have Dofus installed. I've needed to do that before to short-circuit the buggy Launcher. Of course, I shouldn't have to resort to this if Ankama wouldn't release broken crap.

Update. Manually updating with worked to get the dofus.exe working again. The Launcher remains broken. Needing to run the Launcher to then run Dofus is clumsy and dumb anyway so I'll probably just avoid the Launcher entirely.
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