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Macs on Apple Silicon have arrived

By Yarinozu#7614 - SUBSCRIBER - November 12, 2020, 12:29:19
As you may or not know Apple just announced its first ever Macbooks with their custom-made just for Apple, a new generation of chips based on ARM technology.

Will Dofus be supported once all the Macs merged onto the new chips? I mean, not just emulation but dedicated client for future Mac users.

Thanks in advance for an answer.
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I wanted to ask the same thing! 
Curious about that... 
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Go to a store with Dofus on a thumb drive and try running it.

Rosetta 2 should be able do build a run-able version of the game.

Dofus is currently limited to Adobe's flash capabilities. and as of this week; Adobe has abandoned flash themselves.

So if It needs an update on the flash part, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Dofus is finally ported to unity.
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