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Launcher logging me out, deleting other accounts from list

By the-furion#5933 - SUBSCRIBER - April 06, 2021, 23:35:34

ok so this has happened multiple times now, and now im getting upset. the launcher will bug out, and then log me out for some reason. and when i log back in, it has erased all of my saved accounts from the multi account list. why is this happening, and why is it continuing to happen? this is a brand new laptop so technical issues on my end are out of the question. im getting tired of re entering my info in every time this happens.

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this keeps happening to me,  ankama launcher forgets my accounts almost every time i open it, and since i use ankama authenticator it makes adding back 6 accounts a real pain.  i made a support ticket but it was closed with no resolution, they suggested i "go to the forums" which seem to be barely used anymore.

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yeah, they are absolute crap for customer support and satisfaction. shame really

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