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Cannot Run more than 2 accounts when launching through Ankama Launcher

By BluSkies#2745 - SUBSCRIBER - April 14, 2021, 02:43:48

I am having issues running my 4 accounts at the same time. This started today as I have not had this happen before. I can make it to character selection on all 4 accounts, but once I choose a character no more than 2 will load into the server. I will see notifications saying the other 2 have logged in but the screens are stuck at loading 100% and do not actually bring me into the game.

I have tried restarting ankama launcher, repairing the game, updating the launcher, clearing the cache,  and logging characters one by one and moving them to other maps.

Right now the only way I can get all 4 accounts running at once is to launch them all from launcher, close out the ones that don't load and launch those without the launcher. 

I sub all my accounts and intended to quest on all 4 together, but trying to just get into the game with all of them took up so much time and energy that I can't even be bothered to play anymore. 

What is going on here and will these issues be addressed anytime soon?

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I started experiencing the same issue, but with my 2nd account (I only run 2 accounts).

The 2nd account won't log into the game.
I tried removing the 2nd account from the Ankama launcher, and then adding it back again, but I now have a generic error that prevents me from adding the 2nd account into the Ankama Launcher!

It looks like the multi-account feature is currently broken, at least in MacOS.

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