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I can't log in: http request failed

By Themtv#1337 - SUBSCRIBER - September 12, 2022, 00:57:12


Since tuesday, my client just logged me out from nowhere and everytime I try to log in I receive the message "Http request failed".

On my browser, it seems that the pages of my account management are also blocked for me under the "Access denied - Error code 1020" message.

I restarted my internet modem several times but it doesnt seems to work.

I also created a ticket (#3126473), but didn't receive any answers yet and I am losing my subscription for nothing...

Does someone knows how to fix it, please?

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Hello! I am sorry to hear that.
Are you using a VPN or proxy, per chance? If so, I would advise to deactive it as they are prohibited from use on Ankama websites and games. I would also suggest checking your firewall settings to make sure nothing is causing problems there.

Thanks in advance,

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