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A plead to the Devs for the upcoming new heroic server Thanatena

By donmasa - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 22, 2020, 22:06:56

Many who have played heroic server over the years have enjoyed great success and some very unfortunate events. It's a server that has never been very populated but its community was hardcore in every sense.
With the coming of the new heroic server many new and old players are very excited to feel that thrill they once experienced from Oto mustam.
But, I feel with the coming of new server , The devs have not focused on one major issue that many players had and these are not some small issues but some very major one's that can change how Heroic server is going to be shaped. 
The two issues that I'm talking about are :
1) Increase the Astrub Markets Level from 60 to 200.
2) Adding a maging workshop in Astrub.

Now before I explain why these two are very important for the new heroic server and for the growth of its community. I understand Astrub is the starting area for new players and hence you don't want them to see all the things the game has to offer but please understand Heroic server is very different from a normal server. So, I'm going to explain everything from Heroic's perspective.

First issue
I never understood why Devs are so reluctant to make Markets 200 at Heroic , It's special server that requires special need. The biggest problem with Oto mustam was that it never had a stable market and hence prices very much flactuated according to the sellers wishes. Another problem was that everyone started using shops to sell their items around astrub and other save areas and it took forever to find the item of your needs. Another annoying thing was that the Brakmar and bonta markets were practically dead, they served no purpose because no one ever sold or hardly sold anything in those markets. 
So, the only way you could find the desired resources or items was either you use trade channel for hours or keep hunting for items in every merchant shop.
So,  this is the request from the whole community of heroic server ( English or French or any person ) that you increase the level of astrub markets so that this new server can grow in a stable manner.

Second issue
Now, Maging has been a very big issue for a very long time. there were mainly two ways through which you could have maged by going to normal workshops or The mage houses ( they're removed now ) but now that it has gone there is only one way to mage and that's through workshops.
Now, the problem with Workshops is that first, It'll be under the control of alliances that dominates the server and we know that they will camp their 24/7. My problem with this is that maging is not an easy process. It can be very complicated and very time consuming and while I appreciate a little difficulty, it becomes next to impossible to level your mage. Even, if I ignore that my biggest Issue is of Bot agro.
while the devs and others have done a great job at handling the Bot users, There are still people who are capable of using it and we cannot 100% rule it out.
Now, how is it fair for an average player? While I can understand the server is supposed to be difficult but with all these unnecessary involvement of cheats and unfair means. It'll just have a negative effect on the community.

I'll be concluding by saying that while the server is supposed to be tough and challenging we need to understand that it has to be with reason and care. Because these demands are not unreasonable, They're a necessity to avoid any future conflicts and unfair means of exploitation.
I really hope the devs will look into it and contemplate over it and come to a favourable decision so that the heroic community can enjoy the server to its fullest!


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