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Starting in Shadow

By SlyOsmoz#7021 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 02, 2020, 14:22:32

I would like to start to play on Shadow, I checked a bit on the forum but I would like to know more, 

I would like to maybe try the multi account, do you have tutorials or plug in to make it more easy for beginners ?

Also, How many players should I create for a medium difficulty team ? Because I don't want 8, it's too much for me haha, 

Is 3 enough or I should create more for dungeon ?

Also if one of my class died during the fight but I still succeed to finish the fight, do they died still ?

Finally, do you have advices of which class works well in teams of 3 in these : Feca, Sacrieur , Sadida, Eniripsa, Foggernaut or Iop, three of them what's your opinion ? biggrin
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There is a program that some people use called AutoHotKey to link certain accounts to their F-keys (F1-F8, or something like that), but I'm a single-accounter so I have no experience with it.

If you plan to run our own team, I'd suggest a team of 4. Dungeons scale to teams of 4 as a minimum.

As long as you win the fight, no characters in the fight will be deleted.

I have no advice to give when it comes to team-building, sorry xP lol
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In my opinion you can just make 2 characters and arrive to 500 objective points, then with astrub knight if you study your enemies you can do almost everything
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