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English Dofus Retro Discord (460+ users) TEMPORIS 2

By XaaXilish#3846 - SUBSCRIBER - October 21, 2020, 21:01:48
If you're an English Speaker and you play Dofus Retro join us here in the main English Dofus Retro discord server, the largest English Speaking community in Dofus Retro!

English Users: Over 450+

Join us now!
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We've been dedicated to picking up stragglers since the very beginning of the now merged server 7, so this is business as usual for us. I take a peek every so often to make sure no one's going nuts.

Even if you're in a guild chat server, consider using this as an English community hub.
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Bump. Still active and now organizing guilds for Temporis
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The discord is gearing up for playing on the upcoming Lithiniel Temporis server.
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which server are you all playing on?
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