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Joker/Lottery player instead of dropping vulbis dofus from crocobulia in Boune server

By Youlovemesomuchpride#3329 - SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2022, 14:21:28

Hello, Im Eca-Bluff lvl 190 ecaflip from Boune server (mono account server).
I play almost everyday for hours and I had this crazy fun idea.

If any other player does crocabulia the game would work just normal but if I ever dropped a vulbis dofus (near impossible I know) it could trigger server Joker lottery, making my newly dropped vulbis dissapear (bad for me yea) but everyone in the server would be cursed for a week with "cursed class set".

How would it work?

A full class set on all players above lvl 150  (during that week as soon as any player reached lvl 150 would automatically be equipped with cursed class set of its respective class).
This set cannot be removed no matter what.

This set locks player pp into 401 pp (most players in mono account servers are pp oriented) so this way people could still farm/drop hunt normally with the cursed class set.

Cursed class set week would have all spells max level possible all the time (but once the week ends every player would have the exact same spell points they had before the class set curse started).

No matter what weapon, ring, amulet, dofus or pet/mount a player uses, the pp will always be = equal to 401 during the cursed class set week.

I could even volunteer for other rare drops if Ankama wanted to, so instead of getting a rare expensive dofus for myself I could instead get nothing and cast a funny curse on server.

It would be just 1 week if it ever happened (and the odds make it very unlikely to happen) but every player on server would be afraid and also loving the fun/odds when they saw me doing certain bosses/dungeons 

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