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Dofus Retro manual update?

By Thorsrud#8920 - SUBSCRIBER - November 08, 2023, 09:48:47
Many times now I try and start Dofus Retro and the game tells me that it is updated and I have version X and now need version Y. Why does it NOT tell me how to update? I also have the auto update option on in my Ankama lancher but still all I can do is wait, and wait until it magically decides it feels like updating, and then it does. Why is there no clear and easy way for me to update manually? Read a post about todays update, and that thread hade 1 comment, from an admin, saying the update was done and servers where up again. So why cant I update the game and get back in?

Very nice and professional when I uninstall the game, and reinstall it that the lancher says in the lower right corner that the game has been installed and I now have THE LATEST VERSION and then I start it and it says I dont (currently version 1.41.7 gets installed, but in order to play I need version 1.41.9)
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I'm very sorry to hear that.
Normally, with the Auto Update option checked, the game should update automatically when an update is available. What happens when you try to launch the game? Does the game update to its latest version? If you get an error message, does relaunching the game update it?

If not, I invite you to create a ticket to the Support team with your computer's details and account information so they can look into it and assist you.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
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