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[2.59] Rogue bomb glyph damage preview is still not correct

By Compulsive#6734 - SUBSCRIBER - April 20, 2021, 12:42:14
Character name: Beaten
Game: Dofus
Server: Beta
Location: Astrub Militia Tower (Poutch)

- Place your bombs
- Pull the enemy in
- Damage preview is lesser than the actual damage (in this gif case)
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With your level of meticulousness I'd say you should be managing the game developers haha ^^ Keen eye's all the same, nice stuff! I also really appreciate how lovely your gifs are, I'm hopeful that Ankama will appreciate this detective work. I just can't imagen how complicated it must be to get the predictions down to the point with something as complicated as bombs (maybe less so for just glyphs though). 

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I was talking to someone else about this today.  The damage preview on the poutches is apparently broken.  So maybe not just your bombs.  He said the poutch was getting a 20% damage reduction every turn, I didn't notice that but I didn't look.  I noticed the same thing with a weapon I was testing.  It was telling me I would do about 300 more damage than I could.

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