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Qutan Amulet Bug

By Patatoboyy#8454 May 06, 2021, 23:59:46

Yesterday Qutan Headgear had +İnitivate, Qutan amulet did not had it. With today's fix İnitivate from qutan headgear is removed and  İnitivate added to Qutan Amulet when we double click to Effects of the item we can see that Qutan Amulet has +151 to +250 İnitivate but  that stat is considered as  ''Overmaged'' to the item itself so when we try to exo mp to amulet it never succedds (1780 tries so far and there are 0 amulets with +initivate and +mp in the game currently) only exo mp items game has without +initivate ( from yesterday)

So basicly item's self stat considered as overmaged so its not possible to exomage mp to it.

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