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Beta 1.35 has launched!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 05, 2021, 15:45:00
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Won't you take me to… Brakmar TOWWWWN! Won't you take… me… Uh… Sorry, didn't see you there. Huh? The beta…? Oh, of course! You're right! Beta 1.35 is kicking off now! So drop what you're doing and check it out!

At long last, beta 1.35 is now available online! You can test the content of the new update right up until its final release.

Here's what you'll find in this new beta:

  • Two new dungeons with an old-school feel: "Ilyzaelle's Lookout" and "Qu'Tan's Sanctuary";
  • New equipment from these dungeons;
  • And a few changes to the Blacksmith Dungeon.

Want to report a bug you've found in the beta version? It's easy – just post it in the dedicated forum section

Remember, just like for DOFUS, simply select the beta version of DOFUS Retro in Ankama Launcher to access this content.

First Ankama intervention

Once in-game, stand on the "D" slab on the Duty Free map to get XP to level 200 and kamas.


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Once in-game, stand on the "D" slab on the Duty Free map to get XP to level 200 and kamas.


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how can i go to the new dungeons? 

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So let me get this straight... You refused to include Frigost in retro even though it was released before Dofus 2 on the basis that you don't want to add any new things, BUT you go ahead and add 2 new dungeons that aren't even in Dofus 2? It's a bit ironic isn't it? 

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Points of clarification: Frigost was released after Dofus 2, as the first piece of new content for the new version. It was never made for 1.29.

These "new" dungeons are actually not new in a sense, as they are made from unused assets from the archives. Check out the Devblog for more information about this update.

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As this message above me continuing the Frigost thought..

Is there a chance Frigost 1/2 will be introduced to Dofus Retro?
I think I and ALOT of old school/Retro players would appreciated it and this perhaps bringing alot of people BACK again to the game which we all used to love smile.

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someone can help me? I have a problem with the server. I haven't disponible server in my count

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