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About the Ecaflip's passive spells....

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 26, 2022, 18:18:18

Hello everyone,

[Sastip], DOFUS Retro game designer, gave a reply to the French players to their feedback on the Ecaflip’s passive in Temporis Retro and we felt it was important information to share with you.

This is a condensed version of the original content published on the French forum:

“Clarifications are needed about the Ecaflip’s passive. It is not to everybody’s liking. If it sparkles so many comments, that’s because it is, indeed, cleaving. However, we have decided not to change it and here is why.

Temporis Retro’s target audience.
Most players’ feedback about the Ecaflip’s passive are not wrong by any means, we agree with some of them. They express a DOFUS Retro veteran’s point of view. The kind of player that will try to reach high scores and be as optimized as possible. We said it before, we want casual players to be able to have fun and enjoy Temporis Retro.

Most of them won’t have the same objectives as the most engaged players.
Besides, we understand that players expressing themselves on the forums are among the most involved in the game; probably the reason why so many topics pop with similar reasonings:

Close combat and “off-class spells” 

We stumbled upon topics suggesting that we should add to the Ecaflip’s passive “off-class spells”, and why not close combat. For several reasons, we do not want to such a thing:

  • First: we must preserve overall comprehension and the horizontal orientation. We need the same set of rules for all passives spells through all classes (especially the one that says that we do not use any class spells). It reinforces consistency of all passives.
  • Then: if weapons had naturally a 50% chance to inflict a critical hit, the imbalance would not strike right away but at a higher level. You may know that some weapons have been created with a very low critical hit rate. These weapons would have been too overpowered.
  • Finally: we do not want the Ecaflip to be a class where the only interest would be close combat. We also want in Temporis Retro for the classes to keep their identity and to not limit the gameplay to a unique strategy. Besides, it would be as good as free the class of its spells, thereby of its randomness. Which goes against the core design of the class.

We talked, in introduction, about what makes an Ecaflip, an Ecaflip. Now, we are going to review some player’s suggestion and explain why we chose not to take them.

Players’ suggestions on passives.

We would like to thank all the players for their creativity, it is always interesting to witness our players’ involvement regarding a content we are offering.Here are some players’ suggestions that arose the community interest:

On Farenh#3131 post:
  • “Increased chance” (Allies can only get positive effects, enemies only negative effects): it removes the randomness of the class. This aspect is a core element of the game design of the Ecaflip.
  • "Bingo” (50% chance to max out damages): this passive is interesting and was the first version of the Ecaflip’s passive. However, the player would not have a passive every two turns. For this Temporis, we want the passive spells to present at any moment.
  • “Game addict” (roulette effect at the beginning of every turn): we also considered this option, but we took another direction because of its redundance with the roulette spell that can be used for this.

On alphorako#9705 post:
  • A fixed critical hit rate / close combat: we do not want an Ecaflip that do not use its spells.
  • (kweh#2621) a buff/debuff system: the random aspect is already there, adding even more randomness to the Eca would be too much. It would be too frustrating to not be able to predict your passive spell effect. Malus applied on your opponent cannot be really seen from your perspective to the exception of a MP reduction.
  • (mac004#4892) a “luckless” state: the idea is interesting, we reckon the design would be too close to what DOFUS 2 offers, therefore create a conflict with the Retro players’ interests. Also, it is an effect that cannot be displayed easily, players would have to check their critical hit rate before unfolding a strategy (which can be hard to do the target audience we are aiming at).
  • (mac004#4892) Team bonus: it is an interesting suggestion, but in contradiction with the design of the event that flies Iop’s flag! As designed by the author, it looks like a “Ecaflip’s blessing”
  • Damage % bonus for critical hits: This is a passive spell that was first designed for the last Temporis on DOFUS 2. The idea is interesting, but this added power is balanced by the removal of characteristic thresholds. Thus, the Ecaflip gets steadier damages.

​​​​​​​In conclusion
We hope that you have a better understanding of our opinion regarding the Ecaflip. Its critical hits shall remain powerful even at high level, where the removal of characteristic thresholds will multiply its power. Also, you will save the Ioptokens not spend on a tortoise dofus for any piece of equipment, and you save a Dofus slot as well. Not to forget stuff to level up quicker than other classes.

Be assured, the Ecaflip is still powerful. I was over the moon to chat with you all on this very interesting topic. We will keep on reading your messages on this Temporis promised to be full of the fierciest fights ever!

Thank you for reading these lines and have a great game! 

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