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The supremacy of classes (Xelor and Iop)

By Keusley#3029 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 27, 2023, 00:26:03
Unfortunately, this temporis is proving difficult to play. Players are not accepting other classes in some game activities.

An example is Kralamour, the player is not accepting other classes instead of Xelor, Osa and Iop.

This is ridiculous and not fair. Cra's main ability has a huge hole, and players don't see added value in the class.
Cra is just one example... It's been very difficult to play with other classes.

Ankama, please update the other classes, equip them as IOP and Xelor...
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This is so true, i decided to play with sadida (worst mistake ever) just because i have always loved this class in retro but it has been a pretty bad experience, their class spells are very limiting and pretty much usless, impossible to find group unless you're a cra, osamodas, xel or iop, even if do find one i get kicked out as soon as they find out i'm a sadida, were pretty close to one month and its been very hard as a sadida to make any progress compared to other classes, i really hope Ankama do something about this, or at least give us the option to swap classes.
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I feel the same about Sram and we've been getting minor "buffs" every week:

For those who are unaware, this what I can remember from Srams' skill progression (at lvl 100):
  • Passive : Unblockable and +1MP
  • [*]Net Flix (3AP) 2 casts per turn: 4 tile "Cross trap" 13 - 17 (best element), pulls enemies towards center. 1 - 6 range;
    Changed 3 weeks after release: No longer deals damage to allies.
    [*]Ambush (3AP):
    On release: +20 crit
    Changed 2 weeks after release: Teleports up to 6 cells, +18 crits and invisibility (1 turn)
    Changed 3 weeks after release: Teleports up to 6 cells, +18 crits and invisibility (2 turns)
    [*]Pitfall (3AP):
    On release: Increases trap damage by 100% (3 turns).
    Changed 3 weeks after release: Adds 90 to trap damage (3 turns).
    [*]Pickpocket (3AP) 3 casts per player per turn:
    On release: 18 - 32 (best element), steals 2 - 500 kamas RA: 1-2 (non-adjustable), single target.
    Changed 3 weeks after release: 18 - 32 (best element), steals 2 - 250 kamas, RA 1-2 (adjustable), single target.

The class identity of "utilizing traps" and stealth is limited by the high cost and low range/damage traps which are not AP efficient and delay the game.
They require you to do have all essential buffs (Pitfall, Powerful Shooting, Strenght of Giants, Distant shooting - 12 AP) and even then you can only place 2 per turn at a cost of 3 AP each, making it inefficient compared to other available spells.

Ambush is pretty much used for crits or jumping, as attacking while invisible (even using pickpocket) will cause you to become visible.

Pickpocket is still pretty useless as it is single targe, has a base range of 1-2 and costs 3 AP so there is always a better spell/weapon to use.

This kit was (and still is) pretty much useless, and more so at the beginning of the servers. compared to the classes  you mentioned.

If they won't severely buff other classes (as they said they would, instead of nerfing the OP) at least give us the option to remove class spells or change classes.
It's very frustrating to feel like you're getting carried if you're not one of 5 classes and severely damages the game diversity and experience.

I think it's the result of bad planning, since the game wasn't even properly working in most languages 2 weeks after it came out (not to mention it had already been delayed...).

Very disappointed at Temporis as a whole because the idea was great but it feels like Ankama paid very little attention to the overall players experience when designing and releasing the game.

PS: Sram traps are STILL bugged T-O-D-A-Y.
If "trap 2" is placed in the middle of "trap 1", and the enemy triggers "trap 1", it will also trigger "trap 2" but it will deal no damage.
Additionally. traps will sometimes kill the same enemies over and over and display the death messages as well as  "Waiting for players [player names]".
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i agree with the iop and xelor thing there so powerfull. osa is use full for its passive only tbh the only class damage spell is 4ap and damage is underwelming if they lower the ap cost to 3ap the class would be a good viable class.(180 osa myself) think panda is in a good place. think cra need some love the main damage arrow is not great give it 1 more damage circle so you can hit a bit more mobs think it will be plenty of a buff.feca had abuff to its class spells but the passive that you get an extra turn on shields is not viable at all. and the passive glype fails more challs then i wanne admit.and i see not many of the other classes tbh and if i do they only use the spells that every1 can get so yeah they need a full intel osa of lvl 180 i got outdamaged by a 115 agi xelor and i can tell you thats not a fun experiens.imo the concept of the temporial is good and i like the tower and spells. tower is easy untill floor 40 then its almost inpossible for ppl to kill the are way to easy 2 lvl 170 xelors cleared bworker dj with no hp lost.....think this version of the temporis needs way more love and attention then the ankama ppl give it. feels like they totaly ignore the english community. hopoe they can fix this version still but i doubt it. its getting realy boring to play tbh there is no challenge atm that make me play. hope the server merges will be here sooner rater then later i play in eren server and that server is just DEAD ......
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