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2.64 Beta Known Bugs

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 16, 2022, 16:22:57
Our teams are aware of the following issues:
  • The consumables marketplace does not work correctly
  • After a 1v1 Kolisseum fight, the player remains stuck in the group and need to disconnect and reconnect in order to solve the problem and play the game
  • The uchronic elixirs are too strong and cumulate when they shouldn't
  • Legendary pets powers don't work/don't work as they should
  • Certain characters' heads are not visible
  • The new successes cannot be validated
  • The Sufokia zaap is broken, players can use their haven bag to get unstuck if they appear on the map
  • The new temporal anomalies pictogram in the upper left corner cannot be clicked, despite what the changelog says
  • The Léorictus boss does not show all of its states
  • Exiting spectator mode kicks the player out of the anomaly

 You can report all other issues in the following forum:

The event concerning the Temporal anomalies has started! Find all info here:
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