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Inventory bug/glitch beta server

By Nhanneman#6219 - SUBSCRIBER - June 25, 2022, 07:31:34

The inventory (both character and bank) of one of my characters is completely bugged:
It shows that I am equipped (12/6) but my gear doesn't show visually.
Furthermore, I cannot swap into my other gear/sets telling me that my items are missing.

I haven't logged back on beta server since maintenance so I'm guessing the problem started there somewhere.
My other accounts however do not have this problem.

Inventory screenshots:

(edit: posted this with another account because for some reason I get blocked with cloudflare when I try to post it with the account where the bug is on)

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Yeah everyones inventory is invisible, I wanted to do the anomalies bosses' for the event as well for the shield+other rewards. Nothing from before a certain point is showing up in my inventory on Beta. If we purchase anything we already have such as the Major Uchronic Elixir, we cannot use any more. Nor can we change equipment unless we already have ensembles in place.
Also there is some logging issues where loading sometimes gets stuck at 50%, and characters don't load at all if you try relogging during a battle.

Can this event be extended?

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Yes, this is really frustrating and it started after the beta server maint. yesterday morning. Hope they will fix this and extend the event as it is really not playable like this for a lot of players. 

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If you have a set on your character and just need the Elixirs. You can transfer all consumables items to your bank and then you can buy more Major Uchronic Elixirs from the npc, using them from your bag and 1 at a time. This way they will not stack onto existing items already in your inventory.

Using the transfer all option, to move all consumable items to you bank and rebuying from the npc is the only way to make them visible currently. It's best to just buy one at a time incase you have to relog. The npc sells hp and energy items too.

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