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How to report a bug

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 08, 2022, 16:19:22
Here is all you need to know about reporting bugs in the Beta servers!

Before submitting a report, your first reflex should be to make sure your bug hasn't already been reported.
  • If it has indeed been reported, consider leaving a comment on the existing thread (with any new information that might be useful).
  • If the bug hasn't been reported yet, you can go ahead and report it.
  • Make sure to check out the changelog to ensure the bug is indeed a bug and not a new feature.


Before you report a bug:
  • Try clearing your cache (this can resolve quite a few bugs). This option is available in the game settings menu, in the tab "Cache".
Only one thread per bug, and only one bug per thread! That is the golden rule of this category. This makes it much easier for us to sort through them, and for others to find and track a particular bug.

In the interest of readability, we ask that you use the format below when reporting bugs.

Keep in mind that the clearer and more detailed your report is, the more leads we'll have to help the team fix the bug in question.
  • The title of your forum thread: This should be short and clear; summarize the bug in a few words. Using the label "bug" is unnecessary. Ideally, we should be able to simply read the title to understand what the bug consists of.
  • Character nickname(s): The nickname of the character(s) that experienced the bug.
  • Date and time of the incident: The more precise this date is, the better chance we have of finding the bug and fixing it (crucial for obstructive bugs).
  • Map in question: Specify the in-game location where you encountered the issue. (Coordinates can be accessed using the /mapid command in the chat.)
  • Description of the bug: This should also be as complete and precise as possible. Include details about anything unusual you noticed before and after the bug.
  • Steps to reproduce the bug: Explain how to reproduce your bug, point by point; in order words, write out the steps that led you to experience the bug.
  • How many times you've experienced this bug in the game: One time after one attempt / one time out of several attempts / occasionally / repeatedly
  • Video or screenshot attachment: A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million. To enhance your written report, try to include visual evidence of the issue. We need to see the issue from your perspective and from your POV, which is especially useful when the issue is hard to explain or reproduce.

You can add as many details or clarifications as you like in response to your report, as long as it follows the format given above.

You can also attach screenshots or videos of the bug to your report, provided that they support your statements. An image is worth a thousand words!

A post explaining how to upload your images to the forums is available here: click here.
Below is a report template you can copy and paste to use for bug reports:
  • Character nickname:
  • Date and time of the incident:
  • Map in question:
  • Description of the bug:
  • Steps to reproduce the bug:
  • How many times you've experienced this bug in the game: One time after one attempt / one time out of several attempts / occasionally / repeatedly
  • Screenshot:

We thank you so much for your reports!