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Nileza dungeon inaccesible

By K-i-n-y-o-n-g-a#3631 - SUBSCRIBER - March 21, 2023, 18:47:45
Title: Nileza dungeon inaccesible

Character name: Mzee-Mtunzi

What happened: When going to Nileza dungeon at [-61,-74] in the Winter Gardens (Frig 3), the NPC who gives access to the dungeon is missing. There is no way to enter the dungeon, as there is no NPC to accept the key. 

What should have happened: The NPC should have been there to accept the key and give entry to the dungeon.

Detail the steps to follow to reproduce the bug: Go to Nileza dungeon at [-61,-74] in the Winter Gardens (Frig 3) and try to enter. There will likely be no NPC there to give entry.
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