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[Beta bug 2.70 - Minor] Unusable consumable

By len#9469 - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2023, 14:27:08
Character Name: Myjoeky (and Flux-[Tak])

Item: Mercenaries' Exhilarating Plug

What happened: Double click or using the use option in the option menu did not result in consuming the consumable. Also, no tooltip shows when hovering the item and when clicking the 'Pin the tooltip' option

What should have happened: The items should have been consumed and the tooltips should have shown/pinned.

Details the steps to follow to reproduce the bug:
Open the characters' inventory and find the said item, then:
  • Double click on the item - nothing happens.
  • Clicking the use option on the item - nothing happens.
  • Hovering the item with your mouse - nothing happens
  • Clicking the 'pin the tooltip' option on the time - nothing happens.


What I have tried, without success:
 - Restart the client
 - Using the same item on another character
 - Clearing the cache
 - Clearing the scenery cache

Maybe it was scheduled to remove this from the game and it wasn't removed from the players inventory? Otherwise, no clue.
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Thank you for this detailed report, I have escalated it to the game team for fixing.

If you notice this issue occurring on any other consumable, or any other bug in the beta server, do not hesitate to let us know!
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