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Forum Errors, Typos, and Mistranslations

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - January 14, 2011, 20:11:52
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forth -> fourth

also typo in Legend of Autumn quest: when speaking with Prent, he says "longenr" instead of "longer"
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If you could, create a new thread for each of these typos.  
Title:  King Dazahk's Brewery
Typo:  The fourth room of King Dazahk's Brewery says "Forth Room"
Correction:  Should be spelled "Fourth Room"

Title:  Legend of Autumn Quest
Typo:  Coordinates [X,X]  Prent's dialogue says "longenr"
Correction:  Prent should say "longer"
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During the quest Shock Treatment in Xelorium, on the step Contact Doc Ettem Brown through him krosmoglob, he says ''I can't here a thing'' but it should be ''I can't hear a thing''
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During the 26th Bonta alligment quest "At Danathor's Service" you recieve a "Danathor's List", only in-game source for knowing the items you need to bring back to Danathor. Issue being that in the Italian localization of the game the recepie only lists 2 cherries instead of the required 3. Additionaly I think there's an issue with markdown since the name isn't italics and I can see an * on each line. Sorry I completed the quest so I can't provide a screenshot
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