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Dofus Touch RU description at Google Play Store

By Organis - SUBSCRIBER - March 17, 2018, 11:40:53

It reads "Играть геройски в этом приквел к событиям шоу Wakfu Netflix".
Which translates like "Play heroically into this prequel to events of Wakfu Netflix show". Yes, the sentence structure is broken like that.

You should change it to, for example "Стань героем в этом захватывающем приключении в мире Wakfu во времена, предшествующие событиям одноимённого сериала".
Which roughly translates as "Become a hero of this exciting adventure that will take place in the world of Wakfu before the events of the Wakfu show".

That will be grammatically correct and also more aesthetically pleasing than the current googletranslated variant. Netflix reference is not necessary, because Netflix never dubbed Wakfu in russian.

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