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domakuro dofus description

By orange-beast#9794 - SUBSCRIBER - July 16, 2020, 03:56:24
The description doesn't make sense.  It says you gain 64 damages if you don't attack directly until turn 5, but then at the bottom it says "No attacks: 16 damage."  When I tested it on the beta, you lost 8 of the bonus damage per every hit (give or take).  So shouldn't it say "No attacks: 64 damage.  One attack:  56 damage..." etc?

Edit:  okay I just figured it out.  It means you gain 16 damage per each turn you don't attack.  It's not very clear though!
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So the way I see it is if you deal no attacks for turns, 1,2,3,4 you gain 16 dmg for each of those turns. Lets say you deal 0 damage turn 1, 2 attacks turn 2, 4 attacks turn 3, and 1 attack on turn 4. you gain 16 dmg + 0 dmg +0 dmg + 8 dmg for a total of 24 dmg starting turn 5.
edit: I posted, didn't see you figured it out, well I guess it's at least a half decent example if anyone else needs it.
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So for the record, I did understand the description right, this is a dofus for people who poison and summon mostly biggrin thanks for the explanation guys
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