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Ecaflipus quest text issues

By heikedi#4733 - SUBSCRIBER - October 18, 2020, 02:58:11
Doing Ecaflipus quests now, so I'll add things as I find them.
Quest "Question of Reputation", NPC Feralutations - "though" -> "through".
Quest "Don't Push", NPC Professor Groschinder - just a minor translation mismatch; the French text says "(maybe) shouldn't have" here instead of "mustn't have", which is sort of the opposite meaning.
Quest "Where is Charblie?", NPC Sara Kiti - "look for it" -> "look for him".
Quest "GaBuZoMeu", NPC Fire Keeper - I think the French here is more like "the right to help yourself (to the fire)".
Quest "A Game of Kittenip", NPC Agent Tai - "rapport" -> "report".
Quest "Family Sanctuaries", NPC Domino - This is minor, but the reveal that the NPC is female doesn't happen until a few dialogs later (the French uses masculine pronouns for this one).
Quest "GaBuZoMeu", NPC Dgibi - "scratch a dice" -> "scratch some dice".
Starting Quest "The Conquerer", NPC Sergeant Baste - "drastic attitude" -> "drastic attitude change"/"drastic change in attitude"/etc.
Quest "In a Bad Meowd", NPC Professor Groschinder - "plunge his regard into" is a very literal translation, the expression means something like "stare deeply into". Maybe it's more common in British English? Same with "imbibe them with" - I would use "imbue" (or the quest text uses "fill with"), but I don't want to get too nitpicky.
Quest "GaBuZoMeu", NPC Dgibi - "Come here Look at that!" -> "Come here and look at this/that".
Quest "Luck for the Lucky", NPC Marti Gal - Couldn't find the French text to compare, but I'm pretty sure he's saying "she can't stand competition" instead of "she supports the competition".
Quest "Flying Ace", NPC Agent Tai - Here I think "what people like about Flying Bow Meows" should be "what Flying Bow Meows like", since that's what you're doing in this part of the quest.
Quest "You can Go Brush Yourself", NPC Domino - "Find out what his views on Chagun" -> "Find out his views on Chagun" or something similar. Also, if Family Sanctuaries is a prereq for this, then at this point you know the NPC is actually female, but that's minor.

[Didn't get a screenshot for this one]
Quest "Flying Ace," NPC Agent Tai - "his object" -> "this object".

Quest "Drawn Into the Game", NPC Professor Groschinder - the French here actually says the opposite, that not just any (old) hemp will do.
Quest "Drawn Into the Game", NPC Professor Groschinder - "the may" -> "they may".
Quest "Drawn Into the Game", NPC Fiziks - 'infâme' is translated here as 'notorious', but another meaning is disgusting/noxious/vile, which is probably what's intended here.
Quest "A Gamockery of Justice", NPC Lady of the Court - "sur le champ" literally does mean "on the field", but it's also a figure of speech meaning "right away/immediately".

Not technically ecaflipus, but nobody will notice: Quest "The Grey Country", NPC Nervous Mane - "shouldn't have has" -> "shouldn't have had".

Starting quest "Start the Fire", NPC Canynan the Merian - "spirts" -> "spirits".
Quest "Start the Fire", quest item Blood Blood - The quest text says to find a Blood Bone, and the item description says it's a bone, but the item name is Blood Blood (which I personally find hilarious).
Quest "Start the Fire", NPC Hyrini - "Cronan" -> "Canynan".
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