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By heikedi#4733 - SUBSCRIBER - January 23, 2021, 02:43:29
Started doing quests again, so I'll post what I find here.
NPC Vanelle Sings, generic dialogue - "much to stupid" -> "much too stupid".
NPC Funestaro, quest Deathly Hollow - "Reply that you don't want to be replaced when you die" doesn't really make sense here, in French it's more like "you don't want to act as a stand-in for Death".

Now on
NPC  Dardondakal, quest In the Dragon's Mouth - in French, he says "All I did was come back from (among) the dead".

Quest item "The Witch and the Firebird", from the quest Loud Aure Quiet - "loved recline" -> "loved to recline".
NPC God Enutrof, quest Loud Aure Quiet - in French, the first option is "Apologize to avoid winding up crushed between Enutrof's golden teeth."
NPC Ratathrosk, quest Loud Aure Quiet - I think the "Could it be..." sentence makes more sense as something like "Could he ignore where he comes from and who he is?" (different sense of 'ignorer').

NPC Walter Whyte, quest Breaking Good - "nothing to with it" -> "nothing to do with it".
NPC Vegessus, general dialogue - "Find out the hillock" -> (no suggestion).
NPC Vegessus, quest Divided by Two - in French, the Bermans are removing their disguises, not putting them on.

Quest name 'The Big Block' (La grande parade) - given the context of the quest, this is probably the other meaning of 'parade'. now:
NPC Artand, quest The End... or the Beginning - "Greet Ecaflip" -> "Greet the Ecaflip".
NPC Surivitna, quest Nidanwa: Inner Harmony - the quest now requires Shogun Tofugawa's Moustaches, not a Goku Potion. now:
NPC Mimi Fista, generic text - "I've to calm my brother down" (unless this is a British English thing, but I've never heard it before).
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