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Lord Crow's Library

By Affy#9281 - SUBSCRIBER - August 09, 2022, 13:10:30
The mobs in Lord Crow's Library dungeon are all in French with a (!) in front of them. Although you can fight them and the mechanic works for progressing through the dungeon, they don't count towards completing the monster achievement for them and they give 0 xp. 
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Hey there,

The latter issue you mentioned about the monsters' lack of XP is an intended change from July 12.
In Lord Crow's Library, groups of crowfoxes and drinkers that allow you to move around no longer grant experience or loot. In return, the experience granted by the monster group containing Capsaaloock is multiplied by 5.

I am moving this to the Typo section, so that the matter of the untranslated monster names can be addressed.
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