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The translation for the names of two Forgelance spells doesn't feel consistent with the theme

By Uelman#9161 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 06, 2022, 23:19:28
The spell "Renamed" seems to be a mistranslation from the french "Renommée" which also means "Renown". The latter fits a lot more with the Forgelance's theme of becoming a legend retold to the next generations.

The spell "Nightfall" isn't a mistranslation, but it comes from "Crépuscule" which seems to refer to the concept of "Crépuscule des Dieux" and was translated as "Twilight of the Gods" on the book near the Original Lance's statue. Another instance of "crépuscule" was translated as "twilight" on the other class book in the temple.

And well while I'm at it, it's a different case but I noticed it while looking for these screenshots, a line break is missing between the names of Ilyzaelle and Khirooni in the class book
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Thank you for these reports.
I have escalated them to the game team so they can look into it.

In the meantime, I wish you happy gaming!
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