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Vini, Vinnie, Vinti, or Viti? Is this intentional or 3 different misspellings?

By K-i-n-y-o-n-g-a#3631 - SUBSCRIBER - February 27, 2023, 19:07:54
When working on the Turquoise Dofus quests, there are multiple variant spellings of the name "Vini"
1. In the quest "Mean Ol' Witch of the East" there is a quest objective that says "Get Vinnie's blessing"
2. In the quest "Vini's Blessing", Vini has 3 spellings. On the sidebar listing current quests it's Vini. On the quest page in the quest window, the quest's title says Vinti, but the description under the title calls the god Viti.So depending on where you look its Vini, Vinnie, Vinti, or Viti.
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