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Please do not post bug reports here

By #HarvestPale#7774 March 18, 2010, 09:41:48
A reminder:

QUOTE This forum is for typographical errors - that is, errors caused by a slip of the finger while typing - and other spelling or grammar-related mistakes you find in-game. It is not to be used to report bugs, scammers, hackers, botters, harassers, or anything else.

The translation team has access to the game text files; we can change text in-game. This means we can correct spelling mistakes, localise names, amend item descriptions, client "pop up" messages etc. that appear in DOFUS.

We can't fix bugs. Scrolls displaying the wrong spell name (Lightning Strike - "Teaches the spell: Umbongo", or "Teaches the spell: 1337" for example), spell effects listed incorrectly on items or on spell tabs (names, cooldown limits, range limits etc.), they're bugs. We can't correct the cooldown problem with Iop's Wrath, nor fix the Nomad challenge - they're bugs as well, as is the problem with duplicate names appearing in markets.

We also don't fix problems with the website. We very rarely get access to the text of the website, but to all intents and purposes, it's the website team's job to fix mistakes (even typos) that you see with the website. Coding issues (date being displayed incorrectly, post counts etc. etc.) can't be fixed by the translation team.

The translation team will fix any spelling mistake that is reported as soon as possible. The language files on 1.29 servers are updated once a week, usually on a Tuesday, so if you report something after the maintenance on a Tuesday, you probably won't see it in-game until the following week. That doesn't mean your problem hasn't been addressed. This forum is checked regularly every day, and the vast majority of problems are acted on as soon as they've been read. Bumping a post is not necessary, nor is using aggressive or condescending language.

If you dislike or disagree with a translation, feel free to create a topic in the here.

If you're posting a typo, or a spelling mistake, make sure your own post is typo or spelling mistake free, especially if you're gloating.

Off-topic posts will be deleted.

Thanks to everyone who is helping make DOFUS a better game for everyone by following these simple points.

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