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Typo on "Recommend a Friend to Dofus" on the main page :)

By Iaruuf April 06, 2007, 01:10:01

When you click on it, it let's you email a friend and blah, blah, but at the top it say's, "A message has been sent to your friend
to introduce him to Dofus" once you send it, but should'nt it be him/her? Or something along those lines?

And also i just noticed.. Recommend is spelled "Recommand" on the same popup at the top where it say's "Recommand DOFUS" ._.

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The pronouns 'he' and 'him' can include females too. But we could get around all that by saying that the e-mail has been sent 'introducing Dofus.'

It's really about recommending Dofus to a friend, by the way, not recommending a friend to Dofus.

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The typo at "Recommand" is being corrected.

Regarding the pronoun "him", it DOES include female. Indeed, I already explained many times that our translation tools does not allow us to make a difference between male and female characters. I know it bothers some of you but the choice had been made since the VERY BEGINNING of DOFUS that "He" would be the general reference for a player, a friend and so on. SO please, do not feel offended (I'm a female translator, female player and therefore there is no discrimination whatsoever), this is just a choice that was made.

Thank you!

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