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By November 04, 2005, 12:15:52
This new section has been created to improve the quality of the game and the websites.

In order to make your report more useful:

  • give the name of the NPC, the name of the quest and/or the map coordinates
  • give the name of the item (for the description of an item)
  • give the link to the webpage (for the websites)

In any case, try to be as much precise as you can.

Thank you for your cooperation
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In order to make your post even more useful:

  • Please remember to include the name of the server you're playing on, and/or the version of DOFUS you're using (i.e. 1.29 or 2.0)
  • Pictures of dialogue can be useful but remember to include text as well, as sometimes certain image-hosting sites are blocked or have bandwidth problems.
  • Please do not report spelling mistakes from the DOFUS Wiki - the Wiki is unofficial and is not affiliated to Ankama.
  • Please make sure your own post is typo or spelling mistake free, especially if you're gloating.
  • One word posts are not useful.

As an aside, the current two French to English translators that work for Ankama are English, so expect to see British English spellings in-game.

Thanks for your help making DOFUS better for everyone!
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