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The translation Team keeps growing...

By June 12, 2009, 10:28:36

Dear Players,

We've got good news! Another English translator has joined our team to help us with DOFUS!
Therefore you might see him wandering in this section of the forum, looking at your posts and correcting the mistakes you reported.

Please meet HarvestPale!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Kelloggs & Smilycelly

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After over a year of farming drops and leveling up our crafting professions, we've finally gathered enough resources to craft a new translator. Please join me in welcoming Blondstrand to the team.

You're sure to see him soon, wandering the forums, as he helps in the merciless war to once again bring peace, happiness, and perfect grammar to Dofus.


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It may not be quite as dramatic as Goultarminator, but here's a piece of good news with which to start the summer!

With Kelloggs having left for greener pastures and SmilyCelly bidding us adieu, the English translation team was looking a little short-staffed! But fret not, dear readers, as your friendly HarvestPale has been joined by none other than Dethoama. Hoorah!

You're sure to see her wandering around the forum, looking at your posts and correcting any mistakes you might report - if I don't get there first, of course.

Play nice!


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Welcome to the International community!

-Mentor 68

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Welcome, Dethoama!

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Welcome to the community Dethoama! Glad to see HP has some more help now.

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Welcome indeed! biggrin

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Welcome biggrin

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While I remember, allow me to offer you the traditional fish of your choice cooked with lemon.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

@Oamoka: I think I'll go for the kittenfish, please!

See you around,


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Welcome, Deth! Hope us regulars can play nice and report some good stuff for ya! smile


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What have you gotten your self into? You poor ga'l.
Welcome! Don't let HP scare you away! He does that sometimes.


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Welcome, Dethoama. It's good to have you.

I'll do my best to keep you busy!

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~~ Awesome! Welcome Dethoama. Hope you'll enjoy your stay tongue ~~

~ Zen-Akhna ~

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welcome demontha !!! nice to meet u !

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Welcome Deth! Hope you enjoy your work as much as HP seems to =)

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Welcome Deth! It's always good to see a new translator. (Of course HP must be happy to have help now.. tongue)

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Welcome Deth! You evil tofu you. ^^

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Hey Deth! It's really quite nice meetin' a new recruit to the Translation Team. ^^

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Mr-Seamus|2010-08-12 05:02:00
Welcome Deth! You evil tofu you. ^^

He's no Tofu! He's a 'Larva'. tongue)

Havn't seen him posting yet... *Has work for him*
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