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The translation Team keeps growing...

By June 12, 2009, 10:28:36
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Score : 1098


After over a year of farming drops and leveling up our crafting professions, we've finally gathered enough resources to craft a new translator. Please join me in welcoming Blondstrand to the team.

You're sure to see him soon, wandering the forums, as he helps in the merciless war to once again bring peace, happiness, and perfect grammar to Dofus.


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Score : 399

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to be on the team. I hope to hear from you with errors, typos, and other fun stuff soon!

Happy hunting!

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Score : 3567

Welcome Blondstrand!

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Score : 2408

Welcome! I hope to assist you in tackling those typos !

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Score : 4356

welcome smile 

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Score : -7

How does one apply for a position on this Team?

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It's a paid position, so you have to be over 18, eligible to work in France (or able to get a passport and work Visa fairly quickly), and able to move to France to live on your own.  You must, of course, also be fluent in both English and French, especially idiomatic French (so you can translate all the puns into appropriate English counterparts).

If you're serious and you qualify, there appears to be an open Translator position right now: