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[Tutorial] Help! When I run DOFUS 2.0, everything is in French!

By #HarvestPale#7774 August 26, 2010, 11:30:09
Worry not, brave adventurer, here's how to fix your problem:

Look at the top-right corner of the uplauncher panel, and you'll see a flag (the Union Jack, in this screenshot):

Click on it, and select the flag that corresponds to the language you wish to use (most likely English) from the dropdown list:

Click "Play" (or your language's equivalent), and you're good to go!

Have fun in the World of Twelve!
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Lately, some players on Macintosh computers have had a problem where the game goes directly to the login screen instead of to the UpLauncher. You can get around this by finding the UpLauncher program and running it directly.

Find the in your Applications folder (or whever you installed it), and right-click on it. (Right-clicking on a Mac is the same as holding the Control key while clicking, if you don't have a two-button mouse.) You'll get a drop-down menu, the second item on which will be "Show Package Contents".

This will open a folder, and in that folder will be nothing but another folder called "Contents". Open it, then open the Resources folder inside of that. There'll be another

Right-Click or Control-Click on it again, select Show Package Contents again, open the Contents folder again, open the Resources folder again.

Scroll down to the bottom of the new Resources folder, and you should see Open that program instead of the main, and you can drag to your Dock as a shortcut to avoid having to go through all that again.
Changing the language of the Dofus client is normally done by use of the UpLauncher. However, some users can't use it for technical reasons, and that means they can't change their client's language!

So, rather than learn French, you can change the language manually by making a quick edit to a config file...

Step 1: Open config.xml

You can find config.xml by going to the location of your Dofus installation, then entering the "app" folder.

When you find config.xml, right click it, and open it with your simple text editor of choice. If you're using Windows, go for Notepad.

Step 2: Edit the language section

Now that you've got your config file open, you're going to want to find the area where your language preference is. Find the section titled "Constantes pour les langues."

Once you're there, you'll see two lines with language settings. On the first line, edit out the two letter language abbreviation (which I highlighted in the above screenshot) there, and add in the one you want. For English, replace that part with "en".

Make sure you save these changes before you close your text editor!

Step 3: Enjoy your game!

Back in the Dofus folder, launch DofusMod.exe, accept the terms and conditions, and enjoy your properly translated Dofus!